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Friday, February 20, 2009

Feeling Much Better Yay!

Yes I am feeling much better, amazing what 36 hrs of strict rest can do for you. Now obviously I did not just lay in bed all day, I do have two children, but you can rest as much as possible. Yesterday's Health class was supposed to be about controlling colds, what a coincidence, so I am going to give some tips that I use to help us feel better faster. I would like to mention two things before I do 1- I work in the medical field, and am very comfortable treating my children. I do not advice, nor should anyone, taking medical advice from a blog or other website, without consulting a doctor. 2- If you already have a medical disorder, you should always consult your doctor about safety.

Handwashing, of course is the best way to decrease the transfer of germs. This only works if everyone does this. Obviously that is why the cold is so easy to catch, and transfer. What I do, is the second someone shows symptoms of a cold, whether that be a scratchy throat, or sniffly nose, I clean the all sinks, faucets, and door knobs with diluted household bleach. 1 capful to a gallon of water, should be sufficient. Some people throw out their toothbrushes, this is negatable whether it works or not. I put ours, and the dish cloth, outside in the sun. That brings me to my next point, germs do not like sun light. Open your curtains, blinds, drapes whatever and get some light in your house. Germs thrive in warmth, so try to keep your heat at a reasonable temperature, they can not grow and accumulate if it is not warm, and humid enough. Drink lots of fluids, and I mean lots of liquids. If you have a sore throat, or just feel blah, take Tylenol to help so you can feel like drinking. Popsicles, jello, and other cold treats are great ways to get kids to drink with a sore throat. This one is the most important, and works the best. Do not eat or drink any dairy products. This includes milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, and ice cream. Unless your child will not drink anything else, they will not die without milk for 36 hours. Of course if you have a very small child you should be consulting a doctor. Milk increases the amount of congestion you will have, due to a lactose in the milk. If you do not have a humidifier, you can take a hot shower or bath, keep the door and curtain closed so you are inhaling the steam. This will help loosen secretions so they are easier to cough up. If your child has a fever, or yourself, do not get in to warm water, just stand behind the curtain to inhale the fumes, you will increase the fever very quickly. Cold medications are a great way to sooth symptoms, and make you at least feel better, use them with great caution in small children, and if under 2 never give without a doctors consent. Rest, Rest, Rest, at least 36 hours, of decreased activity, and as much sleep as possible. Sleep helps the body heal itself. I like to drink Green Tea, to help cleanse the toxins from my body. Use with caution if you take any medications, ask your doctor first. I have not seen where Green Tea is or is not ok for kids, so you might want to ask your doctor before giving it to kids, under 12. I still obviously have my cold, as it will last at least 7 days, but 36 hours after the onset of symptoms I am able to go back to my normal routine, and just feel a little junky.

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