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Thursday, February 5, 2009

It Is Freezing Again!

Wow it is freezing here again. A very chilly 17 degrees last night, and will be again tonight. Ugh, I really hate this cold weather. It does however, bring me to an important issue concerning Health Disease. When it is extremely cold it poses a high risk for those who suffer with Heart Disease. Because cold causes the blood vessels to constrict, it can cause episodes of Angina, or chest pain. Try avoid going outside at all, during the coldest days, and nights. If you must go out be sure to cover your face, with a scarf, or mask so you are breathing in warm air, not cold. Make sure it covers your mouth, and nose. Be sure to carry your Nitro, if you must go out, in case you need it. Exercise, and snow care should be limited for those who suffer with Heart Disease. Try to get a family member, neighbor, or even hire someone to do it for you. Lifting heavy, wet snow puts even more strain on your heart, so please do so with extreme caution.

Tomorrow is test day, so there are no lesson plans to post. Happy Thursday everyone, stay warm.


ilianna said...


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attygnorris said...

I'm almost ashamed to tell you that it was in the 70s here today. Nice and sunny. February is really the beginning of spring time here in Houston. Now, by June--run for your life!


betchai said...

oh sorry to hear about that melissa, i am enjoying now some wildflower bloom here and there, not a lot yet, but i am so looking forward for spring already.

Melissa said...

Davida, thanks for rubbing it in LOL it will be warm by Sat.

betchai I think I would like Southern California.

Melissa said...

Iliana I left you a comment on your blog.

Tina said...

We are now experiencing record highs here. It will be 56 degrees today, but we're looking at the 30's by the weekend. I am a snow lover and hoping for at least one more good snow before it is all said and done.

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