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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bicycle Safety, Prevention of Illness

Health class tomorrow will focus on prevention of illness. Good hand washing, manners when coughing or sneezing, and throwing out your tissues, are all excellent ways of preventing the spread of germs. We will also be focusing on good tooth brushing skills, and bicycle safety. Below are some cute, and excellent videos high lighting all of these topics. Feel free to watch, and share them with your children.

Lesson Plans for 2/12/09:

Reading: Read chapter 10 of Ghost Town at Sundown
Health: Prevention of illness, bicycle safety
Language Arts; Capitalization, punctuation
Math: Using tables, multiplication, division, units of capacity
Writing: Valentines Day is about?
Vocabulary: Lesson 19- write each vocabulary word, and definition 2x each
Spelling: Lesson 19- put your spelling words in alphabetical order
PE: 30 minutes
Spanish: review


BOOM SAKA said...

You have got a good website and you can make it more better.

betchai said...

love the video, especially the cartons, they are funny but educational, i think it is entertaining for kids while they learn.

Melissa said...

I find they learn best when they enjoy whatever it is.

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