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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Car Accidents, Observing Lent

It has been a crazy week here. On Monday my sister, who still lives in NY, hit black ice, and wrecked her car. Thank goodness she is ok, sore, and stiff but no major injuries. She is out of work, and without a car but it could be worse. Then today, my husband's boss was going to pick him up for work, so I could keep the car today. On her way here, someone rear ended her, while she was turning onto our street. Her car is damaged, but driveable. She has a goose egg on her head, and some sore muscles, but should be fine. They say these things happen in threes, I really hope that is not true.

Yesterday of course was Ashe Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent. My husband and son, decided that they would observe Lent this year. They attend a non denominational church, and the church does offer services for Ashe Wednesday. So my husband has given up red meat, and pork until Easter, which is the end of Lent. I am not sure my husband can stick with this, but I will definitely be supportive. I think all that red meat, is unhealthy anyways. Maybe we will drop 10 pounds or more, in the next 43 days. My son gave up one of his favorite video games. It will be interesting to see how they each do, with their sacrifices.


betchai said...

wow, that is very impressive Melissa, for your son to give up his favorite video game. Hope they will d well in their sacrifices, but hope they won't be too hard on themselves too if they slip once a while. losing 10 lbs seem great.

Melissa said...

I agree I encourage them to stick to it, they made a commitment, but messing up is easy to do. I am glad my husband chose meat, because he eats way too much of it.

Eryn at said...

Good luck to your boys! It's always interesting to me what people choose to give up for Lent, I think that they chose really well. Those are not small sacrifices, they will learn a lot.

I am also very happy that everyone's okay after the car wrecks. I am SO ready for spring!

Melissa said...

Eryn, thank you, I hope they are successful.

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