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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DJ's 4th Grade Curriculum, Evaluation

I have to take a quick break from health care, to post DJ's 4th grade curriculum, and evaluation date. This is solely for my own record keeping, and probably boring, but I must do it. If anyone is looking for a fee curriculum, or ideas of what to cover, please feel free to use this as you wish.
For the 2009/2010 school year:


Environment of the local region
Classification systems
The insect world
The reptilian world
Plants and animals of the past
Structure of plants
Balance of nature
Causes of seasons
Earth and its history
Oceans and the hydrosphere
Air and water pollution
Magnets and electricity
Light and color
S0lar system and the universe
Living in space
Scientific method


Personal and mental hygiene
Dental health
The body and its functions
Skeletal and muscular systems
Care and proper use of the body
Principles of digestion
Basic food groups
Good nutrition habits
Substance Abuse


Reading and writing numbers
Roman numerals to C I still have not found lessons for roman numerals
Prime numbers less than 100
Prime factoring
Decimal and fraction equivalents
Addition and subtraction to seven places
Multiplication and division
1,2, and three digit multiplication
1,2, and 3 digit division
Meaning of mixed numbers
Finding simple averages
Geometric concepts
Customary and metric measurements
Time to the second
Problem solving
Charts and graphs

Social Studies:

World cultures
Reasons for our laws
Time zones
Earths resources
Climatic regions of the world
Map skills
Using a globe

Language Arts:

Silent and oral reading
Listening skills
Telephone skills
Making and accepting simple social introductions
Summarizing simple information
Short stories, chapter books, poetry
Increase dictionary skills- vocab words
Cursive handwriting
Simple outlining
Writing letters and informal notes
Written and oral book reports
Creative writing
Developing skills in locating information
Developing encyclopedia skills
Utilizing parts of a newspaper
Parts of speech
Sentence structure
Continuation of writing skills


Book 1, 2, and three

Art: I bought a book this year, plus we will continue with interesting stuff I find online. Crafts not so much, but some with his sister.

Music: Looking at a book, and I can play piano.

I have not added my reading list yet, because I have not decided it yet. I have looked at several options, and am leading towards kids books related to history, for this year. DJ reads all the time, so reading is not really an issue for him. Does not really need to be structured, or specific.

Our 3rd grade evaluation is set for August 23rd at 11:30 AM. If anyone is in the Gilchrist County, Florida area and needs an evaluator, contact me and I will give you the info of mine, she is great.

Tomorrow I go back to health care reform.


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betchai said...

wow, you are all ready for the next school year Melissa, you now have your curriculum for DJ ready. Congratulations to you.

Melissa said...

Thanks betchai there is still tons to do though. Caitlins is posted too, but I still have to make the school calendar, and make sure the books have the lessons I want. A lot of research left.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm skimming your curriculum post and saw your Roman Numeral comment. Surely there's some exercise somewhere; my son was given a whole packet by his gifted teachers last year. There's got to be stuff for you ... somewhere. Don't give up!

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