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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rock Cycle, Custom And Metric Measurements

I am unsure of how the custom, and metric measurements ended up in my lesson plans, as it is not on my curriculum, and not in our math book. But somehow it did, so to cover it for this year, we will be watching, and learning from the short video below.

We are learning all about rocks, and the rock cycle this week. My son already knows a great deal about gemstones, from learning it from me. However, there is something called a rock cycle. While this is only covered minutely in our Science book for this year, I found a whole bunch of supplemental videos on the subject. These are great, watch them if you get a chance. I am amazed at how much I forgot about Earth Science, I think I took that in 9th grade LOL, a long time ago.

Lesson Plans for 06/03/09:

Math: Multiply 3 digit numbers, division with remainders
Writing: Concepts of a paragraph
Social Studies: Serve it up economics
Spelling: Lesson 34- Write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary: Lesson 34-Use each vocabulary word in a sentence
Language Arts: Sentence practice, sound search


Femmepower said...

i think i should scour some videos like these too for my daughter (and me,lol).educational videos are interesting for kids and they,more often than not,leave good retention.

Melissa said...

Yes, I agree. I don't think I would teach just using them, but they are great for supplemental info, and for retention as they are more entertaining than just reading, and or talking about the material.

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