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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Friday Island Pond, Vermont

Today's Fun Friday topic, for Blogging For Fun, is favorite vacation spots. When I was a young girl, every year my mother took us to Island Pond, Vermont on vacation. We had very good friends that lived, very close in NH, and we would visit with them while there. It is a small resort town, with mainly camping, hiking, and general nature activities. It is a not a place to go, if you do not like to relax. Sometimes we would tent camp, or rent a cabin, depending on finances, and such. I have such lovely memories of going there, and would love to be able to take my kids someday, when they get a bit older. My mother used to love the many moose you could see, and we would go out at dusk to look for them. We were very close to a place called Moose Alley, where the moose were abundant, and easy to see. I tried to find some of my pictures to scan, but they are packed away. I will try to dig through them this weekend, and post a few. It is a beautiful place. We never went in winter, always in summer, but I did find two videos on youtube of the area, one in summer, and one in winter. I hope you enjoy them, and can see the beauty of the area. Have a great Friday, and weekend, everyone. By the way our playgroup yesterday was a blast. Everyone had so much fun.


Femmepower said...

Me and my biological family never had a chance to go hiking and camping together because we didn't have the luxury of extra funds for recreation. now that i have a family of my own,me and my hubby make an effort to travel with our daughter and enjoy each other's company.

Melissa said...

My mom was a single parent, but she worked extra hard to go on vacation. We have not traveled on big vacations much with our kids, yet, I hope to soon. There are so many cool places to take them

Tellie said...

Ooo que bonita! (How beautiful) Sounds like vermont is the place to go. I've only been camping once and loved it! Vermont is still on my States-I-Haven't-Visited-Yet List. Maybe I'll check Island Pond out when I do.

Melissa said...

Be sure you are ready to relax. It is their main thing to do.

Leo Mar said...

It looks like a beautiful place, no wonder it is your favorite vacation spot. It's been a long time since I went on vacation but i love to go to different places.

Melissa said...

I have not taken a big vacation, since I had my kids. It is just not affordable right now. We do day trips, but I can not wait until I can travel with them. There are so many places I want to show them

Laura said...

I always wanted to move to Vermont. It just always looked so quaint.

Melissa said...

It is a lovely, and beautiful state.

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