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Monday, June 22, 2009

Does Your Dog Shed Excessively?

Have you met our dog Krypto, that is him in the pool, sitting on a raft, like he is the king. He loves the pool, he also loves to shed. To me it seems like excessive shedding, but I could be wrong. I suck up tons of dog hair every day, to me that is excessive. I found a website that makes custom food, Dinovite for your dog's needs. I did not know this but excessive high heat, while making your dogs food, is possibly stripping out nutrients that a dog needs. If your dog itches constantly, sheds excessively, or has a very bad smell despite bathing, this might be the case.

So I went to their website, and took their short survey, solutions center and found that they offer a special food for excessive shedding. The food contains vital nutrients, like vitamins, and enzymes, to help solve your dog's particular problem. It was a bit pricy at 118 dollars, but it did come in a 2 gallon container, so it certainly would last a long time, about 90 days according to the website, for a 60-75 pound dog.

They have all kinds of customer testimonials, on their website. People who are very satisfied with their dog food, and the results they got from using their dog food. They also sell other products, such as dog shampoo, and various treats any dog would love.

So if you have a dog, and he, or she, seems to shed excessively, itch constantly, or smell bad despite visiting the vet, and trying all kinds of products, then Dinovite might just be worth it for you to try. Click on any of the links provided, or the green visit my sponsor badge to go to their website, and check out all their great products.


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