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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Healthcare Part One

As promised I am starting a new series of posts on healthcare. Why am I doing this? 1- I work in the medical field, and it is of great curiosity to me, 2- it effects us all, 3- we are out of school, so I have to blog about something.

As I stated yesterday, these will be multi posts, covering every angle, and topic. I hope to have many participants, with a wide point of view. Please stick to each topic, even if you are passionate about another topic. I promise we will get to them all. Each post will stay for about two days, so hopefully everyone gets a chance to participate. I accept all comments, and points of view. I realize this is a hot, and touchy subject, please be respectful to everyone elses point of view.

OK so to start with, lets just discuss your view of healthcare in general. I would love to hear from others from out of the US, as well. Do you have health insurance, or does your country provide healthcare to you? Do you feel the system, as it is, is fair, and available to all? Do you feel it is affordable? If you pay for your health care, do you feel the price and coverage is fair to what you pay? What is you overall view of healthcare in your country?

So let me answer first. First off, I have been uninsured, underinsured, and insured. I have seent the wonderful, good, bad, and ugly side of healthcare in the US. I have been on medicaid, had just so so insurance, and currently have excellent insurance. My overall feelings toward healthcare in the US, at this point and time, is it sucks. I have not always felt that way. I am not a Democrat, and I am not a Republican, so I can honestly see both sides of the argument. However I believe, every US citizens deserves good, and affordable healthcare, not just the wealthy, or those with a good job that has it. Now I will not go into the details of how we get there. Not yet, just your feelings on healthcare in general for today.

So, what say you?


Tes said...

Melissa, I agree with you! Actually, the government should provide for Free Health care for EVERYONE. I have seen this documentary film SICKO by Michael Moore and I highly recommend everyone leaving in the US to see this film. It is an expose on how this HUGE insurance companies beat around the bush and in the end deny rightful patients the necessary health care they need just so the company can save money! There were so many issues discussed in this documentary -like how other countries like Canada and France to name a few, have FREE medical benefits to their people. . . When you get the chance watch this movie –it’ll be worth your while, Mel.

Tes said...

I meant LIVING in the US not "leaving" sorry ... hehe

betchai said...

from Philippines to US i have been lucky to have excellent insurance provided by employer, however, i do feel for those who are uninsured and under- insured. I share your belief that everyone should have a right to good and affordable healthcare. having a healthy life is not only the right of the wealthy, i agree very much with you Melissa.

Melissa said...

I can not understand for the life of me why anyone would feel only people who can afford HC should have it. It is just so crude.

online writer said...

here in the Philippines, we have a social health insurance by a gov't corp called's an attached agency of the Dept of has helped our family a lot during hospital give u an idea, my mom's quarterly contribution is only P300 or approximately $6.25. she was hospitalized last month and philhealth shouldered P5,450 (some $113.54)of the total hosp bills.not bad right? private health insurance companies charge higher here.

Melissa said...

Yes that is not bad at all, and actually your health care costs in general seem more reasonable than here in the states.

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