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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say Goodbye To The Pre Existing Condition Clause

If anyone watched the Obama speech yesterday, at the AMA, it was a pretty awesome speech. He really is a good speech giver. He finally laid out what he plans to do, and how, health care reform. There were several things that jumped out at me, in the speech. I will cover them individually, so they can be discussed as such.

He very clearly said that under his reform, Health Insurance companies will no longer be able to refuse coverage, due to pre-existing conditions. Wow it is about time! What sucks more than paying hundreds of dollars per month, for a service, and then being denied that service? These insurance companies spend countless hours, days, and months trying to deny you the coverage you have been paying for. Now with that said, if you have health issues, refuse to follow your doctors plan of care, or choose to live a lifestyle that is reckless, and dangerous, then you should pay more for your insurance, but not be denied care. Most people do not even know they have a pre-existing condition until they are diagnosed. So that is just a load of crap, in itself, and one more way for the insurance companies to boost their profits. I am unsure of when companies started implementing the pre-existing condition rule, because it was not always like that, but it sure started a rapid decline in the health care industry. I know of a lot of people, who not only could afford insurance, but also had insurance, and they dropped it because they were paying for something that they were never getting to get any good use of. No, in case anyone is wondering, I do not care what it does to health insurance companies. They have been screwing the American people for years, and getting away with it. It is about time they pay their dues. Stay tuned for more in the coming days. I will be covering Torts, and lawyers in the next post.


Anne said...

Thank goodness. A few years ago, my husband was unemployed and I was pregnant. We couldn't get insurance that would cover me since pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition.

betchai said...

I hope that these plans will happen soon, and I also hope that we ( in the Philippines ) will have an improve healthcare too. Over there, by all means, healthcare is a privilege. Old people are not even supported by our Medicare, not enough for them to get good medical attention when they need to. I remember when I was still there, my parents were under my employer's insurance, but when they reached 60s, the insurance company kicked them out :(

Melissa said...

Anne I agree thank goodness, and about time.
betchai- He says he wants it done by October of this year.

Femmepower said...

hi,melissa! i often watch fox news and they report much about the negative sides of this issue on healthcare.i wonder why is that.what do you think is the opinion of the majority of citizens there in your country?coz it appears on TV (at least in fox) that a lot of Americans oppose the Obama administration's directions on this issue.

Melissa said...

Fox news is primarily republican by nature, and that is why I think. However, they are not helping the republican party with all their stupid talk, because the moderates are starting to lean more left. They are only hurting the party, and themselves. There is only one anchor I consistently watch anymore, because the rest are crazy.

DarthCalenwasMom said...

Actually, Fox News reports the negatives because no one else will. Most people might be "for" universal health care (Obama's plan), but most people also don't want to see their taxes go through the roof, which they will if Obama has his way. That goes for everyone, not just for the most wealthy. No other news station will tell you things like that, so be thankful that there's someone out there willing to explore the consequences of these socialistic ideas.

And for the record, Fox is conservative, not Republican. There's a difference.

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