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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Education and Tutoring Options, Health Care Cont

Well since it is summer vacation, and I can only rant about health care reform so much, I thought I would show some love for our local businesses. With all of Levy County schools doing away with summer school, this year, a lot of parents are wondering how their kids will meet their goals. Suwannee Valley Educational Options is offer summer education, and tutoring options. It does not list prices in the little pamphlet they sent me but they can be contacted at for info, or 352-490-0700 You can also stop by their office at 6830 NW 140th St, Chiefland, FL I hope kids will not suffer from the inability to access summer school programs. I think there is also the option to use the virtual online classes, but many kids of course do not have a computer, with long waits at the library. I had made a previous post about Currclick having live Algebra, summer classes if anyone needs to look there, their prices are reasonable.

Now to my recent irritation about the health care reform debate. Fox News, who I normally enjoy watching, is really making health care reform, their political talking points. I am actually quite tired, of how ignorant, and crass they are about the whole thing. Their recent irritation to me, was this poll they supposedly did asking people who were already insured if they were happy with their current insurance. I forgot the exact percentage, it was high, of those happy. Well duh, number one they usually only poll 1,000 people give or take a few, and why would you not be happy if you already have coverage. Some said it was too expensive, and sometimes coverage is not so great, but over all happy. Would anyone expect that to be any different? If you have insurance you do not have to worry about an accident, major illness, surgery, or injury to make your life a catastrophic event. They will pay the copay, and deductible, but it surely will not cost them thousands of dollars, lose their home, car, credit, credibility, possibly job, etc. Come on Fox, get with the program. We need universal health care for everyone, plain and simple. Stop with your increased tax BS, and have a little compassion for your fellow American.


Anne said...

I find the whole argument frustrating. Health care in this country is a huge problem and I worry that there will not be any changes until there is a huge crisis (see mortgage industry). Health care has been a problem for years, but people chose to ignore it. Sorry, I don't often stop by people's blogs and rant, I am just having a very frustrating day and taking it out here.

Melissa said...

Anne no need to be sorry. If someone else rants with me, I don't feel as lonely. I am sorry you are having a bad day. I agree by the way. I do not agree with most of Obama's decisions but health care reform is one I do.

betchai said...

i agree with you Mel, of course, people with insurance and have not to worry about losing their home when they get sick would reply they are happy. on the other hand, even if you are insured, these days, we can never tell what would happen with our jobs, that a universal healthcare would really help in eliminating those fears, when we do not have to worry what if we lose our job, we get sick, etc. On the other hand, i do not think it is fair that only a certain few have the privilege to have really good healthcare, everyone deserves to be healthy. the health of our economy also depends on the health and happiness level of its people.

Melissa said...

Yes, I agree, and I think I posted before, everyone should have equally good health care as the next person. No one is any better than anyone else.

cherie said...

i am currently ranting on the unaffordability of private insurance. the whole scenario is ridiculous to me.

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