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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday: Fattening Food Makeover

Todays Blogging For Fun Friday topic is food makeover. Since I am all focused on health care, I decided to mix Fun Friday in with it. One of the things I will discuss later is bringing down the costs of health care. Over all health is one way to do that. Eating a diet low in fat, can help. So the assignment is, take you, or your families favorite fattening meal, and make it healthy. So many foods are full of fat, but I picked pizza, because that is by far a favorite here at my house.

Pizza actually is good for you, if you eat just one slice. We have actually stopped ordering out, sorry Pizza Hut but your prices just do not fit our budget anymore, and make our own pizza. That alone will cut your fat content way down. Have you ever noticed when you eat pizza, that you order out, it is covered in grease. Now you can take a paper towel and soak up some of that grease, but we just make our own. When we make our own pizza we use part skim milk mozzarella cheese, no fat is never an option, sorry it tastes like cardboard, then instead of pepperoni which I love, or sausage we use chicken or ground turkey. By the way did you know ground turkey, when cooked, tastes just like sausage meat? It really does, minus all the fat. You can elimate the meat all together, but it does add a good amount of protein so we usually leave it on. Then we add pineapple, red peppers, onions, and garlic. If you are really brave you can buy whole wheat pizza crust, which I love, but my family says it has a different taste.

So that is how we transform an unhealthy, greasy pizza into something healthy, and yummy. Happy Friday, everyone. By the way if you would like to increase your friends to your blog, and get some blog love, join our Blogging For Fun group, by clicking on the green Blogging For Fun box.


betchai said...

i think i can have a slice of your pizza melissa. i actually prefer homemade pizza since i can put my own favorite ingredients, and also, i ind the pizza bought from outside are kind of salty for my taste.

Melissa said...

While I will admit I love salt. I would probably die if I had to go without it, a lot of take out food is even too salty for me.

online writer said...

i admire your creativity in the kitchen. that's what i lack. sigh.

Melissa said...

It is an acquired skill, practice makes perfect.

Julie McClelland said...

Homemade healthy pizza's a yum, always a favorite in this house as the purchased ones always never have enough filling.

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