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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Should Health Care Be A Single Payer?

So on to the next part of our health care discussion. Everyone should be able to have access to affordable, good health care. I think that can be safely said. Why anyone could justify otherwise is absurd.

So should it be a single paying source, ie the government? For me the easy answer is yes. Because, if the system is left the way it is, those who can afford the higher priced insurance will always get the better doctors, and better care. Please do not deny this is true. It most certainly is. Doctors can refuse any patient they want, out of the hospital setting, if they do not want to be paid what a particular insurance wants to pay them. So if you do not want a single paying source, and want to keep private insurance, than the only other option I can see is that there is a flat standard fees charged, and paid, for all services, no matter what insurance you have. This will eliminate the doctors refusing certain insurances, and will also cut back the increasing cost of health care over all. Believe me when I say, and if you have ever had medicaid, or been uninsured you know this is true, there are doctors that take the uninsured, and or medicaid and are not so energetic doctors. Sorry, but it is true. Not all of them obviously, but it is a sad state of health care in this country. This is unfair, not only to taxpayers, but to the uninsured or underinsured. If you think people with medicaid get only the best treatment, and all treatment they need, you do not know the truth. I have no problem with private insurance, but it should be fair, and balanced to everyone.

It will be interesting to me, to see what happens with all of this. Obama is determined to have health care for all by October. With no real plan yet put forward, it is kind of a scarey time right now, for everyone involved in health care.

What do you think about keeping private insurance, having a single paying source, or having both in some fashion? How do you think it could, or should work, so it is fair to everyone, both in cost, and coverage?


betchai said...

i think with the government as the source of payment of insurance would be easier. instead of us paying our health insurance for example, we pay to the government, and then the government manages the healthcare, hopefully, efficiently, so that uniform treatment will be given to all individuals. i do not think healthcare is a privilege, it is a right of every individual.

Melissa said...

But they have private insurance too. Is the government insurance option cover as well, as the private insurance, or is it biased towards the private insurer?

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