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Monday, June 8, 2009

I Am On A Mission.... Because I Am Irritated

I renewed my Florida nursing license this morning, and I actually considered not doing it. I have been a nurse for 23 years, this year. Why do you think I was not going to renew it? Because I am irritated with an incident that occured this weekend at my job. It sort of directly involved me, but more so one of my coworkers. She ended up being scolded for something she was not comfortable doing, and did not feel properly trained and or unable to do due to the laws of Florida. Now I went home before I knew what the outcome was, but it has been bothering me since Saturday. So I am on a mission to read the entire Nurse Practice Act for the state of Florida, and any other document to find the info I need to arm myself should the incident occur again. My employer is fully aware, that I will not put my license in jeapordy for their own benefit. This has caused me to be in hot water with them in the past. I am not the type to be bullied, and I have no intentions of starting now. I will guard myself with the info I need to protect myself, as I believe in the end knowledge is power. I have to renew my NY nursing license as well, within the next 30 days. On a plus note the new local hospital finally got their funding, after four years, and construction will soon begin. I can not wait, hospital nursing is my true love, and I hope to return to it soon.

Lesson Plans for 6/09/09:

Early release day
Spelling: review
Language Arts: Compound sentences, word order, poetry time
Math: Division with remainders
Science: Our changing earth


betchai said...

am glad you decided to renew your license Melissa after considering to arm yourself should those type of incidents occur, then you will know how to handle. i agree with you, knowledge is power.

Melissa said...

There have been several incidents that have made me question whether I wanted to continue to be a nurse in the state of Florida. I will armor myself with the knowledge I need to make decisions regarding my nursing career.

Anne said...

It is awful that your employer would put you in a position where you are uncomfortable. I hope the new hospital is completed soon.

Melissa said...

Well it has been going on for sometime. But this is the real first time, it has effected me.

Tellie said...

Indeed knowledge is power. Hopefully the situation works out for the better. It should, especially since it sounds like if it doesn't, it is you who will be putting them in hot water :P

Good luck with finding the right nursing job!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Tellie, have a great day

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