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Sunday, June 28, 2009

LEGO Education Group Buy Ends 07.27

I am copying, and pasting this for all my readers who may be interested. The more people in the group that buy, the deeper the discount. I do not get paid for this, but if more people join in, the price goes down for us all. You will see a link to join homeschool buyers co-op so you can take advantage too. Click the big Lego picture to see the items available, and the possible savings. I really want to buy the Science one for my kids. I will be saving my pennies for the next month.
A Co-op Group Buy Exclusive

LEGO® Education
Summer Learning FUN with LEGO® Smart!

Offer Expires 07-27-2009 at 11:59 pm Eastern

LEGO Education
The Homeschoolbuyers Co-op is proud to present...

LEGO® and LEARNING go hand in hand this summer! Fill your long summer days with an abundance of creativity, learning, and FUN. If your kids like LEGO they'll love these EXCLUSIVE Co-op Bundles with over 500 LEGO bricks & 130 DUPLO® Bricks! Choose from 4 different packages, one for every age & level of LEGO learning.

LEGO Education students don't just know it - they DO it!

Summer days don't have to be lazy days when it comes to learning. Keep your students' skills sharp with creative ideas for Math, Engineering, and Science. Best of all, it's ALL considered FUN by your student --- LEGO Fun! These exclusive bundles from LEGO Education will help your student master concepts in Math, Engineering and Science in a hand-on learning environment. PLUS! These bundles come complete with educational lessons, activities, experiments, and workbooks. Turn your students on to summertime building fun that's learning fun too!

The DEEPEST LEGO Savings Ever Offered to Members

That's right! This exclusive Co-op member Group Buy offers THE DEEPEST SAVINGS TO DATE that LEGO Education has ever offered Co-op members. We are delighted to bring LEGO Education to the Co-op with SAVINGS UP TO 47% OFF!!! Members choose from FOUR DIFFERENT BUNDLES --- Bundles start with DUPLO Learning sets and move right on up to Engineering --- Something for every age group here. This Group Buy offers you tools to enhance your Homeschool classroom experience WHILE giving your children just what they want to do this summer. Make their lessons and playtime FUN - and keep learning while you do it!


The bigger our order, the more we all save, so tell your friends and homeschool groups!

To take advantage of this special offer, you must place your order no later than 07-27-2009 at 11:59 pm Eastern.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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1 comment:

Beta said...

Thanks for the link! I'm actually a member of the co-op, but don't check in terribly often. My five year old is Lego-obsessed, and I was searching the internet for lesson ideas etc. to incorporate them into our homeschool. A great find!

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