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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

201 Awesome, Magical, Bizarre, & Incredible Experiments

This book is awesome! You can reinforce earth, chemistry, biology, and physical sciences to your children with the use of one simple book. This book was actually given to me four years ago, when we started homeschooling. At the time I didn't need it, and put it away and forgot about it. While cleaning through papers I found it last week, and after going through it, found that it was going to be very useful to me this next year. You can use simple everyday items most found right in your own home, to complete the experiments. There is a detailed reasoning for each experiment, as to why you got the results you did. It does say from ages 8-12 on it, but I will be using it for both Caitlin and DJ. At less than 10 bucks you can have this awesome book too!


Anne said...

How fabulous. I will have to check that out. While I don't homeschool, it sounds like it would be great for girl scout meetings too.

Melissa said...

Anne, almost everything I share with all of you can be used by anyone. It is not intended for just homeschoolers. I hope you get one.

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