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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Teaching Children To Tell Time

Teaching children to tell time is an essential skill to learn. There are many ways to teach it, though I find hands on learning the best. I purchased this little clock to the left for only 3.99 at I have been looking for a learning clock, and since I am frugal, ahem cheap, I have been looking for a sale. This is actually a puzzle and the hands are movable, and removable. While the puzzle is too young for Caitlin the movable hands are just what I was looking for. You could also use an old broken clock, and remove the face. If your child is more of a watch and learn individual, you could use the video below, and you can even rent the full length video for 7 days at Youtube, for like 3 dollars. I didn't even know you could rent the videos on Youtube, did you? No matter which method you choose repetition is the key. Start with the hour, then go to half hour, then 15 minute intervals. Minute by minute to the second will come last in your time teaching order. I find it a great way to teach skip counting as well.


betchai said...

i can remember my excitement when I had my first watch and was given the responsibility to tell time :)

Kristy said...

You got a really good deal on the puzzle clock. I wonder if they still have them on sale? Thanks for the awesome post on telling time.

ruthi said...

i agree with you, teaching kids to tell time is essential skill to learn. i can't believe that some kids where i work can't tell time and they are already in 5th grade. i'm not bragging but me and my brothers already knew how to tell time when we entered 1st grade.

Leomar said...

I didn't know that you can rent videos on YouTube. Videos such as this are helpful in teaching kids a lot of things. Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy if you click the highlighted link you will see it is still at the sale price, and available.

Betchai, Ruthi, and Leomar the essentials seem to often get overlooked, and I didn't know about the video rentals either until yesterday. Pretty cool~

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