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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful Skies After A Thunderstorm

I finally remembered how to get my cell phone pictures to my computer, so I could share them with all of you. I love pictures. They are some of my most precious things that I own. I have tons from my childhood, and throughout my whole life. I love blogging because I can add my pictures here, and even if God forbid something awful happened to my home, my pictures would still be here. I upload some of my favorites to my blogs, so that I can always have access to them.

These were taken on the 4th of July just as we thought we were not going to be able to see the fireworks due to storms all day. The sky began to clear, and as you can see was quite spectacular. I took these while riding in the car on the way to the fireworks. That first top picture that funny looking cloud, are the ones they call anvil clouds that can cause super cells, and tornadoes. Thank goodness it just evaporated. These were taken within just a few minutes of each other, and you can see how rapidly the sky changed. If you click them they will enlarge. The fireworks one was the only one that came out suitable enough to post.


betchai said...

beautiful skies Melissa, you cell takes good pictures. Like you, I love blogging and taking pictures, and they go very well together :)

Anne said...

I can never remember to take photos of anything. I love your sky photos. They are beautiful with the clouds and the light.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne, and Betchai. I can't remember a time that I did not take pictures, and both my kids enjoy it as well.

rochelle said...

Wow, i couldn't have taken these pictures with the same quality because my phone's cam doesn't have high pixels. I can only take clear pictures from my phone if Mr. Sun is up, beaming. I love your pics of the horizon.

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