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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reading Lists For 2010/2011 School Year

These are the reading lists for 2010/2011 for Caitlin and DJ. Caitlin did Hooked on Phonics last year, and did quite well. However the majority of it she had no interest in, like the listening CD's, so rather than wasting the money buying the whole thing I again I have switched to the Now I Can Read sets. These sets come in sets of ten books, and are based on things your child is probably already learning about like animals, weather, and communities. I have second set of ten that is slightly harder that if she is able to complete the first will move on to those. This year for DJ I concentrated on history readers, and some mysteries. He loves mysteries, and since we are doing The Story of the World set 1, I felt the history readers would help with not losing what we have covered in American History. Reading days will be Monday, and Fridays, with book reports for DJ.

Caitlin's Reading List:

1- Fat Cat
2- Hot Dog
3- Pig Jigs
4- Rub a Dub Cub
5- Wet Legs
6- Crab Trap
7- Frog Cops
8- Fish Gift
9- Stuck Duck
10- Elk Yelps

DJ's Reading List:

1- The Gettysburg Address
2- The Lincoln Memorial
3- The Story of the Bonhome Richard
4- The Story of the White House
5- The Story of Mount Vernon
6- The Story of Monticello
7- The Story of the Capitol
8- The Story of Old Glory
9- The Star Spangled Banner
10- The Story of Mt Rushmore
11- The Story of Jamestown
12- The History of the Supreme Court
13- The Story of the Constitution
14- The Declaration of Independence
15- The Statue of Liberty
16- The Liberty Bell
17- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 12 short stories
18- The Hardy Boys- 3 stories

I think this will keep us very busy this next school year.


Kristy said...

Wow! DJ and Caitlin will be doing lots of reading this year! I know they will have fun. I like the reading lists!

Melissa said...

I almost think I might have made our lessons a little too steep this next year. I will have to wait and see.

Ebie said...

DJ will be doing a lot of reading in History. Surprisingly, back home, I studied US History in 6th grade. One of America's contribution to the Phils, was in education.

rochelle@mom-says said...

You have an interesting list,Melissa. I can use some that's on DJ's list for Bianca too, particularly Sherlock Holmes.

Anne said...

I guess you are studying American history this year. I love Sherlock Holmes. I hope he enjoys them.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie, Rochelle, and Anne yes it is kind of a long list. I am certain we can get through them all though. We are doing the History of the World book one which is Ancient times as our main History curriculum, with American history as an adjunct. said...

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Melissa said...

Thank you Jeri I will check out your link. I am not sure if I have heard, or used this one before.

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