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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding Time To Volunteer

Volunteering is something many parents like to instill in their children. Public service, giving back to your community, helping those in need, are all fine qualities for all children to learn. If you are like me and you have limited transportation, I hope this will change next year, then you might be wondering how you can have your children volunteer or help those in need. There are a few websites that you can go to, and pick charities that you can donate in various ways, right from your computer.

My personal favorite is Meals on Wheels, which helps to get meals to elderly who are low income, and maybe can not get nutritious meals. I hope to next year be able to actually volunteer to deliver meals, with my children assisting. I also like soup kitchens, but my kids are not quite old enough for that yet.

The Gilchrist County Animal Shelter, always needs donations, and volunteers. Though I have had my issues with them in the past, my children do love animals and it is important to them to help them when they can. You can find a local animal shelter near you to volunteer, or donate to. They always need money, blankets, toys, and someone to help feed, clean, and care for the animals.

Here are some websites for you to check out that are in need of donations, and or volunteers. You can pick and choose which ones suit your personal needs. I found these in a 2009 issue of Family Circle.

One more before I go is an education based site where every time you get an answer correct, a certain amount of rice is donated to a country in need of rice. In many countries rice is the staple food, and a lot are experiencing a shortage of rice. I personally use this site, as do my children. It is free to use, and I have never gotten malware or spyware from there.


Rochelle said...

This is such a noble act, Melissa. How nice of you to provide these sites where your readers can have the chance to help others in need.

betchai said...

thanks for sharing Melissa, I just went to and enjoyed answering as much questions as I could, I should not forget to go back there anytime I have free time and take the quiz.

Melissa said...

Thanks Rochelle, and Betchai. I love the free rice site, you learn as you help others in need. It doesn't get much better than that.

Kristy said...

I love the site. It is almost addicting to sit there and try to answer the questions. Thanks for sharing Ms. Melissa.

Melissa said...

Thanks Ms Kristy, and yes you can easily become addicted to playing the games, and seeing how many you can get right.

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