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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Frankenstein By Dean Koontz City Of Night

I have to tell you there are two things right off the top of my head that annoy me about living in a very rural town. One when you call the town clerk you can count on getting an incorrect answer, and the post office too. Two the local Walmart will have books that you think are next in a series, but really are the end of the series LOL. Here I thought book two was the one at my local Walmart, no it is the fourth, with two and three no where in sight. At any rate if you like Dean Koontz his Frankenstein series will thrill you. I find a lot of his work to be very bizarre, and unreadable, but here and there I find a series I love. Also of note somehow my local Walmart never did have the next two Odd Thomas books in the series, so now they have been added to my list as well. If you have not read Odd Thomas he is a delightful little character. I have read the four that I knew of, and can not wait to get the others.


Kristy said...

Odd Thomas series? I have never heard of this one. What is this about? Are these at Wal-Mart? I love your book reviews so thanks for always letting us know what you are reading. Also, we really enjoyed the playdate today. Thanks for having us over.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy you would probably have to get Odd Thomas at Amazon. Walmart did have the first book called Odd Thomas, but they didn't have any of the others. Odd Thomas is about a young man who can see and communicate with dead people. The dead people are always in a kind of purgatory unable to rest in peace, usually because they were murdered or wronged some way in life. He is funny, kind, and extremely loyal. I love the series, and I need to get the two that I didn't even know were out yet. We were very happy to see you guys. The kids really miss playing with David.

Kristy said...

Thanks Ms. Melissa for telling me more about the Odd Thomas series. Sounds fun and interesting. I will have to see if I can find that series at Wal-Mart or Amazon. We should start a book club where we all read a book each month or every two weeks and then get together and talk about it. I have always wanted to do that with several people. I am going to have to read the Dean Koontz books that you have recommended. We really enjoyed seeing you guys too.

Patricia Rockwell said...

To me, The Odd Thomas series is better than the Frankenstein series, but neither series is Koontz at his best. Check out "The Longest Evening of the Year" or "From the Corner of His Eye" or "The Watchers" or "False Memory" for some really great Koontz.

Melissa said...

I read From the Corner of His Eye, and did not like it at all. Watchers was good, but not my favorite. The other two I am not familiar with, but I will definitely look them up.

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