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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Story Of The World Ancient Times History Curriculum

When I initially was told about this curriculum, I was a bit skeptical. Because I don't teach from a biblical stand point, I just assumed this would not be for me. A fellow homeschooler let me read hers, and I really loved it. Though there are biblical references and info, it is not overwhelmingly a biblical curriculum. I have purchased the set for this next year History classes, plus we will be doing some American History as well. I also really wanted to get into inventors, but I don't wish to overwhelm Caitlin and DJ so it might have to wait. There are four sets to the series, and each series is a full years curriculum. There is also an activity book that goes with it. So be sure to look for that too, if you decide you want to use it. The one thing that really made up my mind for me, is that I can use it for both kids even though they are in different grades.


Anne said...

You have to love something that can be used for both kids. i hope they enjoy it and learn a lot.

betchai said...

history is always interesting to learn if we learn more from the actions and events, the stories behind them. hope they will find it interesting and learn a lot from the curriculum.

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai and Anne, and I agree completely.

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