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Monday, July 26, 2010

Heat Advisory and Dean Koontz Frankenstein

They really don't go together, LOL! Florida is a tropical climate. It is always very hot, and very humid this time of year. Therefore for us to have a heat advisory it must be really bad, trust me it is. We are currently under a heat advisory, well the county next to us is anyways, which I don't ever recall happening since we have been here. It is absolutely stifling outside. It is even more unheard of because the counties effected are right along the coast, where it is usually substantially not as warm as inland. It is perfect for good reading. I am getting father along on my summer reading list. I just finished book two City of Night, by Dean Koontz, in his Frankenstein series. It is kind of confusing because the book said it is a Trilogy. Last time I checked trilogy meant three books in the series, but there is a fourth book, Lost Souls. He must have changed his mind and added another to the series.

I am still working on reading Roots. Yes I frequently read more than one book at a time, always have. I really like the book, but it is very long, and I am having a hard time getting through it. Not because it is boring, or a difficult read, but because of the emotions it evokes in me. I spend more time thinking about what I have read, than continuing to read. If you have not read Roots, by Alex Hailey it really is a must read.


Anne said...

I haven't read the Frankenstein books but I have heard good things about them. We have gotten so many heat advisories this summer. Much more alarming are the tornado warnings.

Melissa said...

It would be awesome if they made the series into a movie. We have not had a tornadoes at all in the area thank goodness.

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