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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking For A Few Good Bloggers!

I started this group over a year ago, and it has grown into a nice little group of bloggers from all over the world, and all different walks of life. They all bring something special to the group, and none are homeschoolers except me, so please don't fee like you have to homeschool to join. I love variety, it keeps me on my toes. There really are not a lot of rules, but I do expect one thing, that you join for more than the free link. Once you click the link, you will go to the homepage, click join, then you can add up to three blogs using the links option on the left hand side. Then you can leave me a comment here, or email me at so that I know you joined and have added links. Then I will add them to the blogroll on this blog named Blogging For Fun Blogroll. All the active members are in the blogroll so you can visit the others right from there, or from the group homepage. Some are not active, and are not deleted from the group, but their blogroll links are removed. To be considered active you should try to visit each blog two to three times a week, leave comments if you can, follow the blogs, etc. On Fridays, in the fall, we do a meme called Fun Friday. You do not have to participate but it is kind of fun. I have made some great friends with this group, and we are always looking for more. Click this link right here to go to the homepage, and join this awesome free blogging group. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Ebie said...

Hi Melissa, I always look forward to Fun Friday! Through this, I made friends and I have met one blogger in person. Topics are helping us with our creativity.

P.S. I am not so high tech, so I would not have any clue transferring photos from cell to computer. hehehehe! I hope someone can help you.

Femmepower said...

Hi,Melissa! I hope more bloggers would sign up and participate. i haven't been as active in blogging as before due to my stressful job. In fact i envy you for doing the things that you love,and having more time for your family while earning from your jewelry store on Etsy. =)

betchai said...

hi Melissa, thanks for sharing the blogging for fun to all of us, hopefully, more bloggers would participate. through you, I met some blogging friends who had been so helpful to me.

Melissa said...

I never know if others will join, but it is fun to make new friends. I am so grateful to all of you who support our little group.

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