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Friday, July 30, 2010

Homeschool Your Child With Florida Virtual School

I looked at this when I first began homeschooling. I am unsure if all states have it, but if you want to homeschool your child without having to purchase the curriculum and do all the work, then virtual homeschooling could be for you. Here in Florida you can use the whole program, or you can select only the classes you want your child to participate in. I am considering using this next year for possibly Spanish, and Algebra. It is very hard for me to attempt to teach Spanish because I don't speak it, and as you get older it only gets harder to learn another language. Plus as we go up higher, and harder in math it would make more sense to me to use the Virtual School through the state. I have not made a definite decision yet. Here in FL they also provide the laptop computer for you, that your child will need to take the classes. Not everyone likes the virtual option as you are considered enrolled in the local school, should you decide to take the full classes. I have to do a little more research before I make a final decision on this. If you have always wanted to homeschool, check your state laws and guidelines and see if they offer virtual schooling. Personally I think this will be the wave of the future especially if budget crunches continue. I think smaller schools will be combined with others, and closed down. Once the programs become more popular they will see that virtual homeschooling is actually way more affordable than running a physical public school. Think about it, all the money that would be saved. Don't yell at me Anne, just a thought.


betchai said...

yes, we do have virtual schools here as well, though i am not very familiar also how it works. i believe it is like also the college education online courses.

Essay Writing Service said...

Homeschooling are best. I agree with you that now a day demand of virtual home schooling is increasing day by day, as this will not put burden on children.

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Melissa said...

Betchai each state has their own set of rules as to how their virtual schooling works. I personally think it is cool, and the wave of the future.

Essay Writer thank you, and I agree homeschooling is best, however it is not for everyone and should not be forced upon them.

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