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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ah I Love Going To The Pediatrician

Today got off to a not so great start. DJ had his annual physical this morning. Since my husband has to go to work, I always make our appt the very first one of the day. So we were there at 8 AM sharp when they opened the doors. There was no other patients but us. Two walk ins came in, that got taken in right away. If you know anything about the doctors office walk ins do not go in ahead of appointments. So after 45 min of still sitting in the waiting area, and an angry call from my husband, I asked the receptionist if something was wrong, we had already been waiting 45 min and there certainly was not a room full of patients. She said no it is only 8:30 and your appt was at 8:30. So I looked at her with an odd look, since the clock right on her very own wall said 8:45 and the watch on my very wrist said 8:45. I said why did you tell me to be here at 8 then? She said because you had to fill out the paper work, and we need to scan your card. It is a new system. OK fine, but we have been coming here six years, have had the same insurance for four, and the paper work only took five minutes. It takes 40 minutes to scan an insurance card, and why did the others go right in? Again the ugly looks ensued. But obviously it worked because I didn't even get to sit my backside back in the chair and we were called in. Normally I do not let these things bother me. But don't tell me what time it is when I can very blatantly see the clock. And please don't tell me to be here a half hour early for five minutes of paper work. And please don't make an appointment for my child to see the RN for a yearly physical, when we only come once a year. I will see a doctor that is what my insurance pays for. Plus the RN did not ask any of the routine questions the doctor would ask. She was too busy getting on her soap box about video games. So I left all this on their advice form they give us every year to fill out, and went home.

Since school didn't actually begin until almost eleven, after all that nonsense, we watched Miracle Babies, and did some other relaxed schooling. If you have never seen the show, it is on Nat Geo and is about endangered animals that scientists are trying to save. They featured this episode the panda, some monkey, and the Indian rhino. I love Pandas they are so sweet and cute, but I am of the opinion that if the species is flawed and does not show interest in breeding, then maybe the species was not meant to be, it is nature after all. The amount of money spent on these animals is amazing, just to get them to breed. That got me a round of boos from my children, and angry looks from my son. Then came the monkey. This particular monkey is endangered due to loss of habitat in the Amazon. OK I can understand why we would want to stop that behavior, we need our trees and I am probably a tree hugger. But the female featured had for some reason attacked her babies after they were born. Now anyone who knows animals, knows that animals of all species do this. There is a reason, and it is a part of nature. So of course they take the babies away perform surgery and feeding by syringe. I don't know, again this is not natural, and I think it should be left to be natural. The Indian rhino was the only feature that bred normal and gave birth normal, though in captivity for protection. No artificial insemination, or forced breeding, just nature doing what nature does best. My son and I had a deep discussion about all this. Though we don't agree with each other on all parts, we agree that we love animals and wish them all the best. What do you think about all this stuff? Maybe tomorrow will be a normal school day. I wonder what that means sometimes, LOL! By the way the National Zoo, has an awesome section with free curriculum most of which is on the Giant Panda. DJ is doing them this year for school. Take advantage of their great resources, and the live animal cams are fun too.


betchai said...

i am with you Melissa for reminding them, am sure I too would probably do the same especially if I know some who didn't even have appointments were ushered in first.

Melissa said...

It has never happened like that before, so I hope it was just an off day.

Anne said...

I can't stand waiting at doctors' offices. It shows a huge disrespect for patients. I can understand having to wait in an unusual circumstance but it shouldn't happen all the time. I hope next time is better.

Melissa said...

Me too, because I have taken new doctors for extra long waits. It irritates me especially when they are obviously not busy. Is there some reason they can't take you in early?

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