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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day Of School

Well our first day of school started good and then got sour from there. A friend of our family, had her dad die unexpectedly yesterday, and I just found out this AM. Then my husband came home from work with some mystery illness that I didn't want anyone else to catch. Ugh, our first day is always filled with drama, it seems. Last year our male Lab mix, without warning or provocation, bit my son in the face and we had to put him down. I still miss him and think about him. Anyway once everything calmed down, we got on with lessons, and had a good day of learning. DJ's first chapter in his Science book was about Archeology. I found this cool website for kids and Archeology, be sure to check it out. We also did our first chapter in 4H Entomology, that was fun, each kid designed their own insect. I forgot to get wings so pics will be shared after I get wings, LOL!

Lesson Plans For 09/06/2011:

Math: Saxon 65 chapter 25
Science: Entomology, Archeology, animal classification from the National Zoo education site
4H Photography book two

Head of the Class: Two cycles
Science: Entomology
Math: Addition, subtraction, calendar fill in, telling time, sequencing
Language Arts: Spell long E and I words
Fall Coloring page

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