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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Last night my mom called me to tell me my sister in upstate NY had to evacuate her home again, due to the rising Mohawk River. She did get to go back today and the water has crested, but lots of worries about the Lock system along the River. In Binghamton which is right on the border with PA, the city is inundated with water. I have friends on vacation there right now, from FL, with family. I hope they are safe. I am so happy to have Twitter because I can follow everything going on as it happens, without being there. Irene, now Lee has just devastated the area. To all my friends and family there, please stay safe. My mother, I think, broke her foot wrestling with a really big snake the other evening. Thank goodness for her dog or she might have been bitten too. My mother wrestles snakes a lot, I think she needs a gun, she is getting a bit old for that.

School is going well, and the kids have done great. Today was Health class, and DJ started a ninth grade Health course. He is only in sixth grade, but I want to see if he can do it. Since health is my thing, I am certain I can get him through it. It is an elective for graduation, and if he does well, I will continue with tenth grade next year. That way he will be ahead of the game with credits.

Caitlin is done with school work within 1 1/2 hours, so she obviously is not being challenged yet. That is not a surprise since most of the time the first semester is review from the last one. I am going to try and give her some harder work next week. Tomorrow is reading and writing, and the day we kind of have laid back school. Since DJ will be writing about his Summer vacation, the writing challenge will start next Friday. Monday is writing too, for him, but he gets to choose the topic on Mondays, and he is working on his short story.


betchai said...

i hope the water level goes down soon in your sister's area Melissa, glad to know school is going well.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai. The water levels are receding, now we pray they get no more rain.

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