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Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Writing Challenge: Your School

This is the first Monday writing challenge for the new school year. The book we are using can be found in an older post, if you are interested in using it. Each Monday DJ will get a short writing challenge assignment. I wanted to do these on Fridays but he likes to do Fishy Friday, so I let it be. If you care to join in just go ahead. I decided to do the Monday challenge with DJ, because I want him to have something to compare to, and because I can always use improvement in my writing as well. So the assignment is to describe your school, in detail, to make it appealing to students who may wish to attend there. This is an added challenge because we homeschool. Describe the courses available, and any extracurricular activities that may be appealing. Here is mine. I was going to write mine on the school I attended as a child, but I decided to write about DJ's school instead.

I attend school at Melissa's Homeschool, in Florida. There are currently two students, and one teacher, so you get the benefit of a small classroom and lots of attention from the teacher. You can take all the courses you love, and some you don't. There is Math, History, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Art, some Sign Language and a bit of Spanish. You get to learn at your own pace, without much stress. If a class does not work for you, you can change it or amend it to suit your learning style, and needs. Melissa's Homeschool offers many field trips and playdates for socializing. There is standard textbook style learning plus lots of hands on learning. Cooking and chores are included in the curriculum to help teach responsibility and character. I get a nice long lunch and recess almost every day. That is what my school is like. What about your school?


betchai said...

i love DJ's school, sounds so great.

Anne said...

That definitely sounds amazing. You always make homeschooling sound so appealing.

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai and Anne. You have to be sure and read DJ's. I am telling you he is a way better writer than me. He impresses me so much.

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