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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I Homeschool: The Bus Ride

Welcome to the weekly homeschool meme, Why I Homeschool. This is sponsored by Miss Moe. One of the reasons I love homeschooling, is because the bus ride here in our small town is very long. I mean very long. There are only three bus stops in the whole city limits. We get to avoid all that bus riding nonsense, because we homeschool. Yay! I hated riding the bus when I was a kid, yucko.

Now, yesterday we had a playdate at the park. I was invited to join a new homeschool group, which I did and 4H has started up again. We had our group award dinner Monday night. DJ got two certificates and a pin, Caitlin got one certificate. She couldn't get perfect attendance because she missed the manners dinner due to illness. This year the group activity is pre-flight, so that should be interesting and fun. Looking forward to it.

There are a lot of videos shared below. Because we missed Science yesterday, we are playing a bit of catch up. The videos are all for Caitlin's age group, right around 7. The rabbit video is to reinforce for her how to properly pick up her rabbit. He is not cooperative and does not like to be picked up. Another 4H member suggested wrapping him in a towel to pick him up to trim his nails. We are going to try that too. She thinks she wants to show him, she has plenty of time, but she needs to get practicing. He is friendly and adorable, but very stubborn about being picked up or held.


betchai said...

i have never taken a school bus since we walked to home back in the philippines. but i can see why it can be boring if it is gonna be a very long one for a supposedly short ride.

Anne said...

It was funny reading this since I love the bus. It comes to my house, picks up the kids and safely delivers them to school. The kids don't mind the bus. My younger one is very social so she socializes on the bus and my older one reads.

Melissa said...

Betchai we always rode the bus, and I hated it.

Anne, Caitlin has never actually rode the bus, but DJ has. He said it was too long and too hot. I agree though that the bus can be very convenient to those who live outside the city limits. It isn't so great for us in the town limits.

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