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Monday, September 19, 2011

Florida Dung Beetle

Here in Florida, we have this nifty little doggy poo cleaners, and no I don't mean my husband. When we got our first dog, I noticed that every morning the yard was cleaned of all poo. I thought my husband was cleaning it. He said I was crazy. Then one day Caitlin and I noticed a beetle dragging poo into a hole. We watched in fascination as it quickly and efficiently cleaned up the yard for us. They do hibernate in the winter, so we are on our own then and they only like it fresh, LOL! So why am I talking about this? Because the kids are thinking of doing a presentation at 4H County Events on the Dung Beetle. Watch the beetle at work in the video. No that is not me filming the event.

Lesson Plans For 09/19/11:

Reading: Opposite Safari, Going Places chapter one
Writing: Sight words
Language Arts: B or D words, statement sentences
Head of the Class: Three cycles
Room cleaning chore
Math: Addition and subtraction
Calendar work, clock work, sight words

Writing: Story plot beginning, middle and end, for story he is writing
Reading: Chapter two Elements of Literature with questions
Handwriting: Cursive
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 30


betchai said...

wow, never knew that, what a very good information indeed, good luck on kids presentation.

Anne said...

Do you think you could send me a few up here? They probably wouldn't last long in our cold but I would love to have them until then.

Melissa said...

Thanks Betchai. It isn't until Jan so they have plenty of time to collect their data.

Anne I will gladly mail you some. Can you find out the laws for shipping live animals across state lines? LOL it is getting too cold now anyways. They are already getting ready to hibernate and we are still in the sixties at night.

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