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Monday, September 26, 2011

Vote For Me For Mayor!

OK I am not really running for mayor. While politics fascinate I have no interest in being a part of them. Each Monday, OK most Mondays, I give DJ a writing challenge that I do also. Some I make up and some come from a writing book that gives me great ideas. I join in so I can expand my writing skills, and so DJ can see how we differ in our writing styles and perspectives. If you want to read DJ's it is here. It is definitely from an 11 year old perspective. Here is mine. The assignment is to make a short advertisement about yourself running for Mayor, highlighting your agenda, experience, and why you should be voted for.

Hello, my name is Melissa R. I am 42 years old, married, with two beautiful children. I am running for the Mayor of Trenton. I am an Independent with a fierce loyalty to what is fair and right. I am a fiscal conservative, that can stretch a dollar from here to Canada. Really, just ask my husband. I believe in family, parental rights, child rights, homeschooling, and using the taxpayers dollars for the best benefit of the community. I will not waste your money, or ask for a raise. I will do away with burning in the town limits, expand animal leash laws, and enforce the animal cruelty laws. I will propose a law to give a fine to all violators of the burn laws, and animal leash laws. I will attempt to bring more business to the area, so workers can find jobs closer to home. So head to your local voter booth, and Vote For Me!!!

There what do you think? Would you vote for me for Mayor?


Anne said...

I like everything except the leash laws :). I like letting the dog run free.

Grandma's Goulash said...

You sounds as though you'd make a good mayor, but DJ is getting my vote. :D

That's a wonderful exercise, by the way. Smart of you to join in.

Melissa said...

Ms Anne, I think I mean leash laws for dogs just running around the neighborhood harassing walkers and bike riders. I didn't mean I was for leashing the dog in the yard for long periods of time, that is animal cruelty and would go under that mentioned law.

Grandma, I would probably vote for DJ too, LOL!

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