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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why I Homeschool

Welcome to Why I Homeschool Wednesday. This is a weekly meme sponsored by Miss Moe. Since we have been doing this since the end of last year, I might actually run out of reasons, but as of right now I still have lots of reasons to love homeschooling.

One of the reasons I love to homeschool, is because I get to appreciate this beautiful Florida weather whenever I want, on my own schedule, not someone elses. Yesterday we went to one of the local parks for a playdate with friends. I had mentioned before that our small homeschool group was beginning to fizzle out due to families placing their kids in public school. Yesterday we met up with one of our old homeschool friends, and met some new homeschool friends. Another playdate is set for two weeks at another park. The weather is glorious this time of year, and I love it. Since DJ takes most of the pictures now that we share, he hardly ever gets to get in any. I do have a tripod but I have to find it, so his happy face can appear too. Be sure to hop over to Miss Moe's blog to see why she homeschools her children. As promised here is part two of The Middle Ages. I have actually watched this on the History Channel, and I find the period fascinating. We did full lesson plans today, and had a great day.


MissMOE said...

Great Reason as always, Melissa. And thanks for the video. We're going to watch it as a good review tomorrow.

Anne said...

Being able to live by your own schedule is definitely underrated. Some days are just too beautiful.

Melissa said...

Thanks Miss Moe. DJ will watch them after he finishes the book. I hope you enjoy them.

Anne, yes it is definitely underrated.

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