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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homeschool Meme

Before I get into the meme, we had a playdate at the park today, which was awesome. We met some new homeschool friends, and some old ones too. The weather was lovely, though still quite warm by noon time. We did no lessons when we got home, but that is typical for park day. We make it up don't worry.

I was tagged in a homeschool meme by Adventures in Mama Land. I am supposed to send it on to five homeschool bloggers, but I don't think I know that many. At any rate, here are the questions and my answers. If you would like to play along you are more than welcome. Some of you may be surprised, some not so much.

1. One homeschooling book you have enjoyed: Hmm I am probably weird but I don't actually read a whole lot of homeschool books. Gasp I know it is true. I did just read, What About College, and found it very helpful and knowledgeable.

2. One resource you wouldn't be without: I guess I will go with my computer. Though I am think we would do fine without it, there is such a thing as the library after all, it is more quick and convenient to have a computer in the house. My kids use it, and DJ is very good at doing research.

3. One resource you wish you had never bought: Since I don't really believe in a bad resource, or wasting them, I use everything I buy or am given. I might not like it, but with supplemental stuff on the web I can make it work. I really did not like Spectrum math or their language arts and would probably never use them again.

4. One resource you enjoyed last year: I discovered Head of the Class, last year, and it helped Caitlin with phonics, spelling and reading immensely. She is using it again this year for second grade along with all the other resources I use.

5. One resource you will be using next year: Saxon Math. Though I can not say anyone in my house actually enjoys math, Saxon works for all of us. We have tried others and it just never suits our needs.

6. One resource you would like to buy: I might consider buying the Teaching Textbooks if math gets to the point where I just can not teach it anymore. So far I have been lucky. They are a little pricey for my taste too. Also Apologia Science. My kids saw this at our evaluators home and really want me to purchase for next year. I probably will.

7. One resource you wish existed: Hmm I am not sure. I really can find anything I want with a little time and searching. It is hard finding homeschool groups in a very rural community, that suit our needs, but it gets better every year.

8. One homeschool catalogue you enjoy reading: I love them all, I really do. Rainbow, Timberdoodle, Christian Books, and so many more I can not even remember them all. Even since I started homeschooling, five years ago, the resources for homeschoolers continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

9. One homeschooling website you use regularly: love it, love it, love it. I also frequent Head of the Class, Edhelper, Dositey, Scholastic and so many more. We use our computer a lot, in case I didn't mention that.


MissMOE said...

Hmmm, I've learned some new things about you Melissa. Thanks for sharing. I'm posting my Why I Homeschool post tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing yours and will be sure to link up to your post.

Anne said...

That was very interesting. Since I don't homeschool, I love any glimpse into it.

Melissa said...

Thanks Miss Moe you appear to have had an awesome summer.

Anne, homeschooling is a fascinating journey, if you ask me.

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