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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Favor To Ask, and Homeschool Contests

I have a favor to ask. Don't worry I don't want money, or your first born child. One of the goals DJ has for his photography lessons this year is to interview a photographer to critique his work, and get input how to do better. Sine we do not know any photographers here where we live, I would like to ask one of our online friends if they would be willing to look at his pictures and give some input. It isn't ready yet, I haven't uploaded all the pictures yet. But when they are I will let the volunteer know. I would be most appreciative.

A fellow homeschooler at Homeschool World, shared with me and gave me permission to share with all of you, their homeschool contest page. I have not had a chance to go over them all yet, but I will, and hopefully we will get to enter some. Check it out if you want to.

Lesson Plans For 09/30/2011:

One thing you will notice, if you follow along in our lessons, is that I have added religion to our Health curriculum. I did this because even though I have my own personal misgivings about the Bible, I do not wish for them to wear off on my children. I truly believe they have the right to learn and make their own decisions in life, and that includes where religion is involved. By the way I really hate Geometry, and am very glad DJ is picking it up with ease. Another thing you will notice is that we have not been doing any sign language. I just can't seem to squeeze it in this year, with all the stuff we need to get done. I am hoping maybe next semester when things quiet down.

Health: Religion, The Nervous System
Math: Saxon 65, chapter 36
Language Arts: Periods
Reading Comprehension with worksheet
Handwriting: Cursive

Head of the Class: 3 cycles, this will be scaled back to 2 cycles beginning Monday
Health: Religion, caring for your teeth
Math: Ordinal numbers, Saxon 1, before after and between, fractions
Sight Words
Language Arts: V or W words, apostrophes, I or me, singular and plural words


Anne said...

I would definitely volunteer with the photos, but I would be no help whatsoever. I'm not even allowed to hold the camera, here in the Small Town. I hated geometry too.

BrSpiritus said...

Dad and I live in Jacksonville, I'd have to talk with him but he's been into photography 35+ years and is well versed in Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Let me see if he's interested, you can email me at:

brspiritus at

Bonus is him and mom homeschooled me back in the late 70's early 80's in Maryland.

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Melissa said...

Thanks Anne, I am still learning too.

Thank you brspiritus I will remember your offer when we are ready.

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