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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 Points of Life Kids Marathon and Art Class

We are in the process of training for the, 5 Points of Life Kids Marathon, sponsored by Life South.  This is a kid's marathon where you log the the miles you walk, or run, before the race.  The official log form is on their website.  Then the day of the marathon, you and your kids, walk or run the last mile of the marathon everyone together.  I like this, because my kids are young, and you can go on the marathon with them, the day of the event.  This just gives me a feeling of safety.  This is our first marathon, and is nice and mild.  Since two years ago, we have been increasing our outside exercise.  We first started with walking.  Then another homeschool family, and us, started a Run/Walk Club.  Two days a week, we either walk or run two miles each day.  So, we are clocking four miles a week.  Once the cold weather arrives, I am looking forward to mixing in some light jogging and even running, for me.  I am 44 years old, but my kids are young.  I believe exercise is what will keep me healthy and ready for whatever they throw my way.  Hop on over to their website and sign up.  It will take place in Gainesville, FL but check your area for similar events.

This evening we painted the Swallowtailed Kite.  A predatory bird that lives mostly in the South.  We see them only in the Summer months, and they are beautiful, majestic birds.   To see our art work, head over to my other blog.  Below is a video with different images of these beautiful birds.  Next week Caitlin has picked the Cardinal.  A personal favorite here at our house.

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