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Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Give Books and A Free Renaissance Lapbook

If your kids like lapbooks, mine are not crazy about them, then head over to get your free Renaissance Lapbook.  I cam on early today to be sure I shared this with you.  DJ will be going into the Renaissance after he finishes with the Middle Ages.  History is so interesting.  I really disliked it in school, but had the teachers taught using something other than just a textbook, maybe I would have enjoyed it more.  I love it now, and can't get enough of it.  Do your kids like History?

We Give Books, is a free online reading website with a twist.  Every book your child reads, the same book gets donated to a school or group in need of books for expanding literacy.  It is free, and my daughter loves to read books online.  We used it a lot over the Summer, and have sort of gotten away from it so far this school year.  I am going to try to remember to visit this site regularly.  Not many reading programs are free, so check it out, and if you look there are teaching resources for each book as well.  A wonderful resource for sure.  Oh and today is Jump Start Read for the Record.  Help them meet the digital online reading goal for today, October 3.

We had such a good week of school, that today and tomorrow will be very light.  Tomorrow my work hours change, so no school probably at all tomorrow.  Today, we have Run Club, then Spelling, Vocabulary and Language Arts tests in the afternoon.  We might get to squeeze in a National Geographic video on pyramids.  That will round out Caitlin's lessons on pyramids for the week.  I love Netflix, and Nat Geo both awesome resources and History Channel too.

I am stunned at how well DJ is moving along with Math.  He completed so many assignments this week, and with ease and good grades.  He is using CK12 Arithmetic this year, and the format is working wonderful for him.  It is all free too.  He is also using CK12 for Earth Science this year.  Check it out, it too is completely free to use.

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