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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Get Your MBA Online With No GMAT

If you are like a lot of other recent college graduates, you have your diploma in hand and are looking for work. The job market is tough, as everybody knows, and most recent graduates are carrying a lot of student loan debt. The environment is as competitive for job seekers as it ever has been.

What many see as a recession may actually be a permanent restructuring of the world economy. Outsourcing has sent millions of American jobs overseas. They will never come back. With so many entry level and technical jobs sent abroad, who needs to hire an American graduate? Now people are saying that the bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma, the most basic qualification for any kind of work.

In such an environment, graduates may wonder what can give them an edge. Graduates in the humanities, especially, may rack their brains trying to imagine how they can fit into the workforce. English majors and art majors understandably want to work in their chosen fields. They can start out as freelancers and build decent careers as writers or illustrators. Many have done just that. What most do not realize at first is that success in creative fields requires as much business savvy as creativity. Few pick up the necessary business skills in their humanities programs.

Business skills are essential in any field. Engineers and people working in technology may find easy employment, but they often learn that they can make more money by stepping up into management. Engineers and humanities majors alike may find that the next logical step is to study for an MBA.

There are countless MBA programs available. Most focus on building upon your existing skills and work experience to prepare you for management positions. Students from all kinds of different backgrounds can fit in and benefit from these programs. Many programs are especially designed for people who are already working, so they can study on nights and weekends. There are even some prestigious online MBA programs you could consider.

Taking the GMAT is a good first step towards acceptance in an MBA program. There are lots of places that offer GMAT prep programs. Sometimes if you study an MBA online no GMAT is required. You can check out the requirements of each school, along with the institution’s level of expertise, and make an informed choice.

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