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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Perfect Weather for Lawn Work

Even though we do mow all Summer, the weather yesterday and today, was perfect for raking leaves and doing some of the extras we don't do when it is too hot.  It was actually 59 last night, which kept the house cool most of the day, even though it got up to 85.  Tomorrow will be a repeat of the same.  So, we will be washing walls inside the house, and cleaning up the garage a bit. 

Since we have to also do school, I do a lot of this stuff during school hours by myself.  That is fine, the kids help when they can.  DJ learned to operate the riding mower today, so he is excited about that.  He has been using the push mower since the beginning of Summer.  Tomorrow will be Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar tests.  DJ will be finishing up his Knight writing assignment, on his blog, and Caitlin will continue reading Dolphins at Sunrise with chapter reviews.  And of course Math.  Speaking of Math, DJ has been going along quite smoothly without any snags.  Until this week, lol.  He can not seem to catch on to Reciprocals.  No matter which way I explain it, he is still unsure.  He has been watching a video, but I think he might appreciate reading a bit more about it.  So, below are three resources that you can use, as well, when your kids get stuck on Reciprocals.  Last year, we used FLVS for Math, and it was awful.  Because, I believe that you should not move on to the next lesson when you do not understand the one you are on, which is what FLVS required, it just did not work for us.  This way he can go over it and over it until he gets it.  He almost got it all the way today.  We will see how it goes tomorrow.

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