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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Beautiful Angler Fish!

Wow you would have to really have to believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for this scary fish.  Tomorrow is our Earth Kids meeting, and Faith chose the Angler Fish.  Below are links to the reading and worksheets we will be doing.  Because I could not find ocean theme math for the older kids, I used TLSbooks.  There is also a Geography page where they will be identifying what level of the ocean the Angler Fish would live in.  Do you know?  We also are doing an Angler Fish bird feeder using upcycled materials.  I will share those, and how we did it, after they have been completed. Oh, and I almost forgot, for lunch, I am making Angler Fish theme sandwiches.  I can not wait to see how these come out.  For such a hideous fish, they truly are fascinatingly unique.  It has been a good, and productive week, here at Melissa's Homeschool.  I am off this weekend, so we will be having some family fun.  Hopefully there will be pictures to share.

I am somewhat disappointed because I found some awesome sheets on Teacherspayteachers, that I could not print because I used pdf files not Microsoft Office.  Since I have no intentions of getting Microsoft Office, I am really glad I did not pay for something I could not use. 

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