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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkins, Festivals, Gardens, and Choirs OH MY!

It has been another crazy busy weekend, but so much fun. This is my second weekend off of my new schedule and so far we have been getting a lot of fun stuff in that we normally could not do. It was freezing Saturday morning. So, in preparation for my new tire garden I am building, Caitlin and I headed out to start tearing down the shrubs where the new garden will be. It was hard work, but I was plenty warm when we were done. It still needs some more raking, and the rest of the tires are not here yet. Then, Caitlin had to make cupcakes for her bake sale at church Sunday. She chose teddy bear cupcakes, and she did most of the work herself. I just supervised. Then we went to a Fall Festival. We don't usually do Fall Festivals because they are always on the weekend, when I used to always work. The kids had a ball. They boys played some flag football, and the little ones played games for candy, bounce house fun, music and good friends and food of course. Today, was Caitlin's first choir singing opportunity. They have been practicing for a couple of months. She almost chickened out, but she did it, and we are so very proud. I didn't share the choir picture because other kids are in it, but you can see Caitlin in her pretty dress and fancy shoes, standing next to my awesomely huge Hibiscus Bush. I am tired now, but we still are hosting friends for dinner, so it isn't over yet. For now some relaxing and football are in order.

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