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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halfway Through the School Week

We are halfway through week nine of our school year.  You know what that means, right?  Next week is our last week of the first quarter.  One quarter out of the way already.  This is when I do report cards, and evaluate the lesson plans and curriculum we are currently using.  I honestly am not thinking anything needs to be changed, however for Caitlin I might be adding more stuff to hers.  She has progressed so nicely with her writing that I might push her just a bit more. 

So, what have we been up to this week?  Monday, while the kids did Science and History, I conquered one set of shrubs out front.  They really do need to be trimmed and cut back at least twice a year, or they just become a massive mess.  I always check for bird's nests and other critters that might be living in there, first.  We do have lizards that take cover in there, but there are lots of places they can do this safely besides the shrubs.  It is hard work, and I was plenty tired.  Since Caitlin is studying Simple Machines, in Science right now, I told the kids to come up with as easier way to move the trimmings to the fire pit using equipment we already had.  One of them held the wheelbarrow in the upright position while the other filled it with a rake and shovel.  Then after setting the wheelbarrow back down they pushed and then dumped them into the burn pit.  A simple machine that made their job much easier and faster. 

Since I have allergies, I should have known better than to play in dirt, leaves and shrubs for such a long time, as by Tuesday my head was congested and working towards my chest.  I guess I never learn, since I plan on doing the rest of the shrubs soon.  We did get in Run Club despite my tight chest. 

DJ's Language Arts class is working towards the quarter final next week.  I am making up his final exam myself, since we don't have access to that exam.  He read The Outsiders, and he has to do a book report in 300 words or less using proper punctuation, spelling, grammar and paragraph structure.. This is a challenge for him since he likes to write way more than is necessary.

Today, I didn't accomplish much, the phone has a funny way of sucking up my time, but the kids did awesome.  Pictured below are their Stellar Sea Eagle art work from Monday.  No extra things this week, as I have to work this weekend, but next week is another busy one planned.

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