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Friday, October 11, 2013

International Observe the Moon Night 2013

A few weeks ago, while searching for something else, I came upon the International Observe the Moon Night webpage. I was intrigued as to what it was, and checked it out. I found I could make my own event, in my own backyard, and have some fun doing it. I created it for our local Homeschool group. So, tomorrow night, October the 12 it will take place. It will be beautiful weather here in FL for such an activity, cool and clear. They have a ton of activities you can choose from to learn all about the moon, crafts and other activities. I have decided on a moon phases painting craft, moon pizzas, and of course viewing the moon. If you do not have a powerful telescope, we do not, there are a few apps to help you view the moon up close. I downloaded the constellation finder and the moon map. I wish they had made the event on the night of the full moon, but oh well it will still be a blast. I was contacted by a local reporter, about our event, and we were in an article featuring the Moon event. The kids were so excited. I hope to get some cool pictures to share on Sunday. Be sure to check the website for all their awesome educational activities. Next week, for school, we will be doing some of them for Science, just to learn more about the Moon.

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