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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cherry Blossom Trees, Yellow Warbler and Geography

It was a long weekend of work, and then Monday was a busy blur. On Monday we grocery shop, then we did Art class. Monday evening was our 4H meeting. So, you can see, I didn't have time to blog. Caitlin is doing Ancient Chines Art this week, for History class. One of the assignments you could do was to paint a Cherry Blossom Tree. I love Cherry Blossom Trees. But, they will not grow here in the warmth and humidity of Florida. Since we have been painting birds for weeks, I decided on the Yellow Warbler to add to the Cherry Blossom Tree. You can see the results below. DJ did not put his in a tree, and since it was not his History assignment, I let it slide. He will be doing more art work this week for Medieval Times. I try to do a matching candle jar for each painting. I had run out of jars, so not all of them got one. This one did and I really can not wait to see it lit up with a candle. My kids hate painting on glass, so I don't force that issue.

We are supposed to go to Run Club today, but it looks like rain will make that impossible. I posted the other day the popsicle stick game for learning Geography and the States. I have decided to make virtual tours for each state, to go with it. This is a long process, and I only have two states done. Since we won't be starting until after the Christmas break, I have plenty of time to finish it. It will be saved to my Pinterest board, and I will share the link when it is completed.


betchai said...

really lovely art work, i probably should try the candle jar too, since i have never tried painting on glass.

Melissa said...

I personally think painting on glass is the hardest, and fabric too. Try it out and be sure to share your art work.

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