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Saturday, December 20, 2008

5 Days Until Christmas

Well it is 5 days until Christmas. I was going through some old pictures, one of my favorite things to do at the holidays. This is the only picture of Caitlin with Santa Claus. He is a puff a lump Santa, and she is about 5 months old. We have tried several times to get her to sit on Santas lap, and she just will not do it. So we get to treasure this one forever, lol. She is a shy, and kind of stubborn child, she will not do anything she doesn't want to do.

Have you finished all your shopping? I am done, and it is all wrapped. I have some great gift items in my store, you should check them out. I offer great prices. My sister will be coming in on Monday, and we are excited. We have not spent Christmas with her, in 4 years. It should be great.

I hope everyone that is getting snow dumped on them, is safe and warm. I remember those days. Matter of fact the year my son was 2, it snowed enough snow to reach the top of my Tracker. All I did was shovel, and no one could get out. My mom was in Florida, and thank goodness we had a web cam. What a Christmas that was.


betchai said...

hi melissa, i like your little girl's pose actually, she looks so cute there with santa and her older brother.

Melissa said...

Don't she look like a doll. People used to actually ask me, before they realized I had two children, why my son had a doll. LOL

betchai said...

hahaha LOL

actually, with her eyes, maybe had I not known it, I would also think so, hihi.

Your little boy was all laughing while she looked like she does not know yet what is going on, hihi

Melissa said...

We were trying to get her to at least smile. My husband was making all kinds of faces, and noises, and my son was laughing hysterically. She just was so serious.

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