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Friday, December 19, 2008

All Roads Lead Home, Family Movie Night

We have movie night, at least every other week. My children are young, 8, and 4 so we have to find movies that are appropriate for those ages. I just saw a preview for a movie, that really touched my heart. It is called All Roads Lead Home, see the trailer here It is rated PG, so it is appropriate for a variety of ages.

The movie itself, is about a young girl, and her mom passes away. She goes to live with her Grandfather, for an attitude adjustment. It is touching, and lovely with a perfect message to young people. You can not deny, or run away from your past. You must deal with it, and then go on. I will be watching for this movie to come out on DVD, it may already have. I would love for my family, to see this whole movie.

What do you do on family movie night, besides obviously watch a movie? We have what we call snack dinner, or snack lunch. You get to eat whatever you want. Usually this consists of popcorn, chips, cookies, juice, pretzels, even yogurt or ice cream, crackers and cheese, whatever each person decides they would like to have for their movie night meal.

Don't forget to check out the trailer for All Roads Lead Home All Roads Lead Home The Movie and see if you would like this movie to be your next family night movie.


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