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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Goals For This Blog

2009 is just around the corner. I have some goals I am setting, for this blog, for 2009. I have a current page rank of 1, and would like to get that increased to at least a 2. Higher would be great, but I try to set goals that are achievable. I would like to increase the revenue from adspace. Project Wonderful, has paid me once already, so that is great. Adsense is not too bad, I hope to make payout in 2009. I wish they would lower their payout limit from 100 dollars to something, just a little bit less. I get paid posts through Social Spark, and that has earned me over 100 dollars. Of course I would like to see that increase, with more paid opportunities. I have been with Adgitize since the end of November, and have made 1.44 there. Your earnings depend a lot on what other members do, as well as what you yourself do on the site. I want to add a link box with all my favorite educational, and information sites. That one will take a while, as there are so many that I use. It will be more user friendly, however for anyone that visits this blog looking for information. I am thinking of having some guest bloggers, other homeschoolers or educators. I think that would be interesting, and fun. I am always reading, and searching for new, and interesting topics that would be great to read. It doesn't necessarily have to be about homeschooling, education or learning in general is great. Here is to a wonderful, and happy new year to everyone.


TMinut said...

I may choose a goal or two for my blog as well, I'm glad I read this. For one I want a blogroll maybe and I definitely want to learn to put pictures IN the posts. So far, when I try, it doesn't ever work, even when it tells me it's all done, great and is now there. It never is! Hmmph!

Actually I was considering deleting my blog now that I've found so many blogs I like. Not doing one myself would give me time to read and comment instead. Then I get all worked up and want to write! Time to learn about linking and using ... I don't know, whatever THINGS people do on blogs that make them so interesting! :-)

Melissa said...

Sounds like some good goals. I am not sure why your pictures won't work that is one of the easier things I learned. There are so many to learn, and we all learn them in a different way. If I can help you I will try.

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