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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally John Walsh, and His Family Get Peace

If you do not know who John Walsh is, he is the founder of Americas Most Wanted, and a father whos son was murdered. In 1981 his son, Adam Walsh 6 yrs old, was kidnapped from a Sears Department Store. His severed head was later found, no body was ever found. John Walsh, and his wife then became victim advocates for children, and parents of crime. Americas Most Wanted has been on almost 20 years, and they have been credited for capturing hundreds of fugitives. John Walsh, says he can now end this chapter of his life. Knowing has finally brought him peace. Ottis Toole, a convicted felon who died in prison, is the man that has been named as the killer for little Adam Walsh. He was long suspected, even admitted it twice, then recanted. He finally told a relative on his death bed, that he was in fact the killer of little Adam Walsh. My thoughts, and prayers go out to John, and his family. I personally could not imagine, going through this.

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