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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kid Powered Energy At Montessori School

I saw this story last night on the Fox Report, and thought I would share it with all of you. There is a Montessori School in North Greenbush, NY that uses kid powered energy to help run the water, and lights. How you ask? The merry go round, and other playground equipment is hooked up to generators and as the kids play, it generates power. They use Solar power technology as well. It is very cool. You can watch the video here

Lesson Plans for 12/10/08:

Reading: Read chapter 7 Sunset of the Sabertooth
Writing: Design a tree ornament, and describe how to make it
Social Studies: Kansas, and virtual tour of Candy Cane Factory
Spelling: Lesson 12- write each spelling word, and circle the consonants
Vocabulary: Lesson 12- Write a synonym for each vocabulary word
Language Arts: Adjectives, capitalization
Math: Addition, subtraction, multiplication
Spanish: Food and utensils part 2


Cy said...

That is very cool. The kids have plenty of energy to share!

Melissa said...

That is for sure. Maybe I should install one of these merry go rounds, and let my kids save on our electric bill. Thanks for stopping by.

betchai said...

that is really very cool. while the kids play, they also are aware and learn about how their super energy is converted to something else useful.

Melissa said...

Science class during recess, genius.

Mom said...

What a great idea.

** Side note - I homeschool, too. I think I may have to take a virtual visit to the candycany factory. I bet my 4 yr old would love that. **

Melissa said...

After you do the first one, it is all reading, be sure to watch the video posted above. Watching it kind of brings it all together after it is read to them. My kids liked it.

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