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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Have The Greatest Idea!

Okay maybe it is not the greatest idea, but it is pretty cool. Yesterday my 4 yr old came to me, and gave me a present. She had taken a piece of printing paper, and drew a picture and wrapped up a couple of her toys. She said Merry Christmas, and handed it to me. I opened her neat little gift, and inside was Build a Bear pink poodle a McDonalds toy, and a My Little Pony, from her Ponyville collection. Anyone who knows these two types of toys knows, they are miniature versions of the full versions. So I thanked her enourmously, and set them up on my stand where I sit and watch TV. As I sat there last night looking at them, I thought these would look really cute on the Xmas tree. So I set them both on a branch, and they indeed looked very cute. So then I went and asked my son for a couple of his Superfriend people, and they fit nicely too. So what was my great idea? After they outgrow these lovely mementos of their childhood, I am going to adorn my Xmas tree with them every year. Rather than buying expensive ornaments, I will use their treasured toys. I have some of my sons favorite Thomas the Trains left, and I can use crafting wire to make a loop to put a hook on them. If you have small children you could do this too. Neat, huh?

4 more days until Xmas, can you believe it. I hope everyone is having a wonderful, Sunday.


betchai said...

actually, that is great idea!! my Christmas tree is very simple with very little ornaments, and if i have toys, i will do the same too :)

Melissa said...

Thanks betchai, I think it will be awesome some day when they are older and they see all their old toys.

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